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"Next level has helped my game tremendously on and off the court. The moves and skills I learn in training are what I use in every game, and Coach Pope values helping people with everyday life just as much as he does with our game on the court." - Bryce Watts, Franklin Classical '18

"When I met Coach Pope I didn't know a thing about him and vice versa . I just wanted a trainer to prepare me for my senior year .  After the first session he knew what my weaknesses were on the court and each training session was centered around those weakness . Additionally , regarding off the court  relationships he identifies to his players the importance of getting a degree. Not just playing basketball in college but becoming a successful person in the working class realm." Erric Adams, Kipp College Prep '18

"Working with coach Pope will not only improve your game tremendously but it will also boost your confidence off the court. Coach Pope has the keys to make you the best player you can be and get you to college. Best trainer I’ve worked with." - Daniel Belser, Overton '18

“Coach Pope offers everything a high level guard needs to have in his game in his skill workouts. He is devoted and very knowledgeable in his work off the court with us. He has offered me an opportunity to see what I need to do as a player and person to make it to the next level.” - Liam Butler, Nashville Central Christian '19

"My all around game has increased tremendously. Jeremy is a very patient and caring coach/trainer. I can say my confidence has increased on and off the court." - Brittany Law, Nashville Christian Academy '20

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