College Prep Calendar Reminders 

 What is College Prep Calendar Reminders?

CPCR is the EASIEST and MOST EFFICIENT way for parents of future college students to never miss a college deadline. It helps families by saving STRESS, MONEY, AND TIME when it comes to preparing for college. By plugging in your child's graduation date, you will receive a link to import into your calendar on your phone and/or laptop. Then everything you and your child needs to do for the college admission and financial aid processes will be automatically added to your calendar as events along with alerts and notes with each event to keep your family on track to get the best college prep results. It only takes 3 MINUTES to set up to receive over 4 years worth of valuable information that can save you $1000s. And if your child has already started high school, that is fine. You will still receive all of the information needed from that point on and what you have missed. 


Notes with Every Reminder to Describe Each Task

Direct Links to Complete Tasks Like Filling Out the FAFSA, Applying for Scholarship, and More

1 Minute Long Youtube Videos to Explain Important Task

Option for Parents of Athletes to Receive Recruiting Tasks to Help with the Recruiting Process




Individual Families 

Only One Payment of $5


Organizations and Schools



If you have any questions, click HERE to submit your questions to Jeremy Pope