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Rental Information

  • Rent & Take Home a Grind Shooting Machine for Days at a  Time.

  • Shoot More than 300 Shots per Hour 

  • Rental comes with Designed Workouts and Balls 

  • Works Inside and Outside on Any Hoop as Long Plugged into Electricity. 

  • Easy to Transport to any Location 

  • Easy to Set up and Tear Down 


  • $35/ Day Home Rental - 2 Day Minimum

  • $45/ Individual Workout with Trainer at NLS Gym 

  • $195 / Week Home Rental  ($50 Savings) 

  • Free for You to Pick Up and Drop Off 

  • $20 Delivery and Pick Up Fee 

  • Delivery Available in Greater Nashville, TN and Surrounding Areas 

 Very Important Home Rental Conditions:

  • Parents of Players or Players 18+ must makesRental Reservation

  • If Machine were to be Damaged or Lost while in your possession, you would be responsible to pay for all damages or replacing the machine.

  • All conditions will be listed in rental contract while booking reservation. 

  • If Machine were to be returned late, there is a $105/ day late fee.

  • There is a GPS device on the machine for it to be tracked at all times. 

  • Machine Rules: 

  • The Machine Must be Kept Out of Rain/Sleet/Snow Ect.

  • Machine Must be Stored Inside at Room Temp

  • Only Use 1 Basketball at a Time

  • Do Not Try to Lift Machine by Yourself, Must be 2 People

  • Machine Must be Set Up and Tore Down as Instructed in Manual

How to Rent The Grind Shooting Machine 

1. Text Coach Pope at 614-284-4261 to Check Availability

2. Text the Following Information: 

  • Adult's Legal First and Last Name

  • Home Address

  • Email Address

  • Would you like to Pick Up and Drop Off (Free) or have Delivery (Extra $20) 

3. Read and Sign Rental Agreement

4. Pay Balance through Cash App, Venmo, Check or Cash

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