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Additional Player Reviews 

"I appreciate everything Coach Pope has done for me. He is legit when it comes to training and he has made me a much better guard. He is the type of coach that really cares. Coach Pope goes out of his way to show up to my games and give me information on college stuff. Also he takes time to talk to me whenever I need someone to talk. He cares a lot and I believe he can help any kid that joins Next Level Skills because he does the little things even though he doesn't have to. Coach Pope is great." - Tip Hamilton, Lead Academy '17

"Next level really helped me learn the basic skills I need to know to be prepared for college basketball. In addition, Next Level is an organization that really helped me believe that I can play in college." - Larry Beddingfield, Lead Academy '17 

"On the court I feel great about working out with coach Pope. When working out with coach, he will push you to the limits. He will work on things that you struggle with, both on and off the court. He continually checks up on me and makes sure I reach the goals that I have set for myself. He is a great man off in on the court." - Josh Moody, Cane Ridge '19

Parent Reviews

My son has been active with Next Level Skills going on three years now and we couldn’t be more happier with the impact this organization has made on him both athletically and academically. Since our involvement we have had the opportunity to serve our community by volunteering in a food drive, we have participated in fundraising events to raise money for our youth, we have taken advantage of the (free) ACT prep course, we are enrolled in the “Guide Through College Athletic Recruiting  and College Prep” course and we are active in the weekly skills and drills trainings during off season. Coach Pope and all of his team have also been active with my son on a personal bases by encouraging him to believe in his abilities. We are beyond grateful for what this organization has provided and continues to provide for our family. Thank you for all you do!" - Tiffaney Badgett, Mother of '23 Student- Athlete 

"Jeremy is reliable, prepared, and encouraging while motivating and teaching necessary skills needed at a high level of competition. Physical workouts designed by Jeremy, as well as mental toughness, have helped our son develop into a player who possesses what coaches look for. Jeremy has become a trusted friend and mentor to our son and we value him as a person. He is truly cares abut each student he works with and has shown integrity through his interactions with our son. The student athletes Jeremy works with are fortunate and blessed to have his help developing as players and young adults." Tim and Lisa Watts 

"Coach Jeremy Pope is one of the most talented coaches that my son and I have been around.  He takes time talking with parents to make sure that they understand what he is trying to achieve with each of his students.  Coach Pope has the ability to take his students to the next level in their basketball career.  He explains to them the” ins and outs” and the “dos and don’ts” in achieving a basketball career.  Coach knows what college basketball recruiters are looking for in potential college basketball players.   He wants every student that he coaches to have the opportunity to be recognized as a strong confident prospect for college basketball. I am truly grateful that my son is training with Coach Pope. He has a strong positive impact on my son and it has made a big difference in my son’s life." - Felicia L. Moody 

"Coach Pope has been working with my son for over a year. He has provided him with structure and guidance in his basketball interest.  By coach Pope taking time to work with my son has given my child a chance to stay busy and occupied so that his mind isn’t idle, and keeps him out of trouble as well. He has been a great inspiration to my son, and I’m sure if given the time and space to work with other young men, he could be a great inspiration and mentor to them as well who are in need of positive things to do with their time." - Gloria Morgan 

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