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Next Level Skills Basketball Academy

The Buckets List Blog will cover: 

This blog is meant to help players and families in their pursuit of a college scholarship and to start conversations for families to learn how to navigate through the tricky game of recruitment. After being recruited by multiple schools, playing 4 years on scholarship at the college level, and working 3 years in college admission; I want to share my experiences with you in order to help you out. Please do not hesitate to contact with me with any of your questions.


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Blog #1- Why Next Levels Skills was Started

Blog #2- Basketball: An Escape Turned into Dreams (Tip Hamilton Feature) 

Blog #3- Shooting Makes Success (Bryce Watts Feature)

Blog #4- Academic Success and Basketball (Daniel Belser Feature)

Blog #5- Reaching for New Heights (Josh Moody Feature)

Blog #6- Directed Steps to College Success (Off Court Meetings)

Blog #7- The Mental and Physical Aspect of the Game ( Erric Adams Feature)

Blog #8- Hard Work and College ( Quan Conner Feature)

Blog #9- Trust the Process: Passing Down Knowledge (Class of 2018 Feature).

Blog #10- New Gear: Why is There a Bird Logo for a Basketball Program?

Blog #11- Next Level Skills + Carpenter's Square Mentoring Program Launch

Blog #12- Next Level Skills Spring Break Training Camp

Blog #13- 9 NLS Grads Leaving for College this Fall 


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