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Coach Pope Background 

* From Westerville, Ohio


*Westerville South High School

 - 3 Sport Athlete - Basketball, Football, & Baseball

 - All Confrerence Safety (Football)

 - All District & All Conference Point Guard (Basketball)

 - 2nd All Time 3 Point Shooter in Westerville South History

 - Coached by Ohio Hall of Fame Coach, Ed Calo

*Goshen College - Basketball & Academic Scholarships

 - All Conference Point Guard

 - 9th All Time in 3 Pointers Made in Goshen College History

 - 3rd All Time in Free Throw Percentage in Goshen College History



 - Bachelors in Physical Education - Goshen College

 - Masters in Sports Management - Lasell College

 - Certified NCAA & NAIA Recruiter 


*Professional Career

 - Goshen College Admission Counselor (Athletic Liason)

 - McCracken Basketball Camps Coach

 - Nashville Sports Leagues Director

 - YMCA Youth Sports Area Coordinator

 - Founder of Next Level Skills Basketball Academy

 - Head Varsity Basketball Coach at Valor Collegiate Academy


Why was Next Level Skills Started?

Nearly 26% of collegiate student athletes on scholarships lose their scholarship by the end of their freshman year in the United States of America. This is way too many, and Coach Pope wants to do something about it. Many athletes flunk out, don’t play well, have financial problems, break school policies, get in trouble with drugs and alcohol, or have other problems that result in them coming home without a degree.  Going to college is a huge accomplishment, but coming home without a diploma is not acceptable. This program is designed to prepare student athletes and their families to be successful in every step of the college process. We aim to touch all the bases, even the uncomfortable ones.  Being real and talking about the highs and the lows of college sets the expectations of the college experience. With this program, athletes can become successful on and off the court, enjoy their college experience, and leave with a degree that will set them up  to be successful in their future. 


Coach Jackson Background 

* From Nashville, Tennessee


*Hunters Lane High School

 - National Academy of Future Physicians 

- All Academic 

*South College

- Business Major

*Professional Career

- Account Payable Coordinator at Concord Records

Head Assistant Varsity Boys Coach at Valor College Prep

-CFO of Next Level Skills College Prep and Recruiting 

- Assistant Director of Next Level Skills Basketball Academy

- Valor College Prep Finance Assistant  


Why does Coach Jackson Coach?

I coach for not only the development of the players but to watch their love grow for the game. Coaching also helps players prepare for real world situations to help them off the court as well. Baskeball will always be a safe place for me, so teaching the game also comes with displaying that safe place to my players.

Coach Adams Background 

* From Nashville, Tennessee


*Kipp Nashville Collegiate High School 

 - All District (Basketball)

- 4 Year Starter

- 2 Year Team Captain 

- 1st Student -Athlete from Kipp to Earn Athletic Scholarship 

*Welch College

- Team Captain 2022-2023

- Business Administration Degree

- 4 Year Basketball Player

*Professional Career

- Game Day Coordinator at Valor College Prep 

- Assistant GM at Tru Fit 

- Skills Trainer at Next Level Skills Basketball Academy

*Nashville Pro-Am

- Competed in 2022 League with High Level College Players and Professional

Why does Coach Adams Coach?

A few years ago, I would have thought you were crazy if you had asked me to be a coach. I've noticed over the past few years how coaches can affect a player both physically and mentally. This generation needs supportive role models and individuals who are eager to give back to the same communities that supported them. I participated in Next Level Skills as a player and will now serve as staff in the future year. I'm excited to see what's in store for us in the near future.


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