Program Details

Next Level Skills Basketball Academy

Recruiting and College Prep Details


For Next Level Skills Student-Athletes these services are FREE! Recruiting Assistance and College Prep Classes are included in the cost of working out in Basketball Skill Development sessions with Next Level Skills. 

For basketball players that do NOT workout with Next Level Skills and athletes of sports other than basketball, The Recruiting Assistance and College Prep Classes are still available. The pricing includes: 

$10 - One Time Joining Fee (Covers the Recruiting and College Plan Packet)

$15 / Class - Classes will be held once to twice a month depending on your graduation year


Being recruited, committing, and signing to a school is a very difficult task. Only 3% of athletes in the United States receive athletic scholarships. To give each players the best chances to achieve their collegiate athletic goals, each family goes through a designed curriculum where the whole family learns about the recruiting process. When working with Next Level Skills, each family receives an information package that includes: 

* A Detailed Plan of On and Off the Court/Field Tasks Broken Down from Freshman through Senior Year

* Academic, Athletic, and Recruiting Goal Sheets

* NCAA and NAIA Eligibility Info 

* Recruiting Tips

* An Email Template to Send to College Coaches

* Personal Assistance with Contacting Coaches and Writing References

* Financial Aid Packaging Break Down 

College Prep

With 26% of collegiate student-athletes losing their scholarship, dropping out of school, or getting kicked out of school before the end of their freshman year, it is very important that they are prepared before they stop on campus. Each student athlete must be mentally and physically prepared for what it takes to be successful on and off the court/field. Each player in the Next Level Skills Program attends college prep meetings catered by Donatos Pizza. This is where we discuss the fun and hard times of college, and what it takes to earn a college degree. The curriculum covers: 

* The Importance of High School Academics

* Community Service 

*ACT and SAT Prep

* College Admissions

* Financial Aid Assistance

* Applying for Scholarship and Financial Aid

* College Visit Conduct

* Choosing the Correct School

* Time Management Strategies

* Recognizing Dangerous Parts of College

* Resume Building

* Financial Literacy

* Picking the Correct Major

* Formal Dinner Etiquette