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 School Team and Athlete Programming

For teams or programs that are looking for help on and/or off of the court, Next Level Skills can help in a variety of different ways. Working with teams and programs provides a different way of preparing coaches, administrators, and players to be successful in all facets of your basketball program.  

Team College Prep and Recruiting Sessions

26% of collegiate athletes leave or get kicked out of school before the end of their freshman year for a number of reasons. The best way to help players avoid being involved in this statistic is to prepare them for the ups and downs of college before they arrive on campus as freshmen.  These session put the college athlete experience in perspective and give success tips to be succeed on and off the court. The #1 priority of college is to graduate with a degree.  Playing a sport in college is a great experience, but does make graduating more difficult if athletes are not prepared.  

This team program is open for any sport and mix of athletes. Athletic Directors or coaches can schedule sessions for junior athletes, the basketball team, the soccer team, players with scholarship offers, or any mix of players. 


$200/ session


Team Camps 

Team camps are designed to prepare players to have a productive off season. Players will be given the tools to learn how they can maximize their time in the gym all summer so they can be the best possible player they can be for the winter school season. The players go through:

Skill Development Workouts

Walk Through Strategy Sessions

Learn to Watch Film

Situational Stategies


Next Level Skills is flexible and can structure the length of the camp to what you would like it to be for your teams.



$40/ Player/ # of Days of Camp


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