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Next Level Skills Basketball Academy

Basketball Workout Description  

Ball Handling 

Each workout starts with the same 2 ball ball-handling routine as a warmup to develop muscle memory and fast twitch muscles. Then ball handling is sprinkled into the remainder of the workout to develop in game ball-handling.

Finishing Around the Rim

Finishing around the rim can be difficult at game speed and with bigger players guarding the basket. We work on creative ways to be able to finish in these in game situations. We work on floaters, reverses, reverse touches, one step layups, finishing with contact, and other finishes.

Mid Range

The mid range is a lost art in today's game, but is the most efficient way to score and get good looks. Sometimes it is hard to finish with bigger players guarding the rim and 3's are not falling. But the mid range, 12-15 feet range, is always open if you can create a little space. We spend most of our time developing a mid range game to create more opportunities to score the ball.

3 Pointers

We shoot 3 pointers last in each workout. This allows the players to learn to perform and shoot the ball when their legs are tired. Coaches want players that can perform at the end of games when the game is on the line. In workouts they develop this habit by having to get out of drills based on performing when tired.  

Free Throws 

Every player has to be able to shoot free throws efficiently through the span of a game. We work on free throws between each drill when the players are tired to simulate taking free throws in games.

Small Group Workouts (6 Player Max) - $15 Per Session

Individual Workouts - $60 per Session

progam details
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