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Spring Break Guard Camp

The Spring Break Camp takes place during Metro Nashville's Spring Break at Carpenter's Square. The camp combines activities that improve basketball skills, IQ, college readiness, and character building. Daily activities include: 

Film Sessions: 


To continue moving up levels of play, skills and game IQ have to increase. Many players put in the necessary work in the gym, but do not sit down and break down the game to learn the patterns of the game and tendencies of opponents. We will start every day by breaking down film to study what we will be working on for the day. It is hard to see the game on ground level at times, but stepping away from the floor and watching from a higher angle will help to create smarter players. 


Work Out Sessions: 


Coach Pope will lead the players through skill sessions that will last an hour and an half. These sessions will teach the details of game skills and explanation of why we use the various skills to help the players use these skills in game situations. 

Strategy Sessions: 


After starting the day in the film room and with a skills session, we will break down what we learned in the previous two sessions as a team on the floor at a jogging speed. This way we can talk and see what we talked about at game angles. This will allow for more understanding of the concepts of the game. 




Everyday the players will have a 5v5 scrimmage. The players will get to compete against each other and apply what they learned for the day.


Guest Speaker:


College coaches speak to the players about recruiting and being a collegiate student-athlete.

A financial advise teaches the players about financial literacy 

Entrepreneurs and other professionals speak about career development and how to overcome struggles.

A strength and conditioning trainer puts the players through a workout.

Metro Police Officers educate the players about legal troubles that are popular among athletes. 

A church minister closes the camp with word of encouragement.  


$65 Includes Monday -Friday: all camp activities, lunch for each day, and Next Level Skills Clothing

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