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Program Details

Next Level Skills Basketball Academy

Professional Mentoring Program 

 Program Details

During the senior year of  each Next Level Skills player, they will be matched with a professional in or similar to the field they are interested in studying while in college. Mentors are in touch with their mentees once a week by text, phone call, or email. Mentors and mentees meet face to face once a month. During summer months, mentees are able to job shadow their mentors. 

Purpose of Mentoring Program

Next Level Skills is designed to prepare student athletes for success on and off of the basketball court. To add to the college prep curriculum, this program gets the players to start thinking and planning for a career. From their mentors, the mentees learn: 

The skills needed to be successful in their desired industry

Develop a deeper understanding of their goals

Communication skills

How to overcome professional struggles 


FREE! This part of the program is included in the cost of working out with Next Level Skills.

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