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"This is a great idea and will help lot of families. If you are a parent looking to help you kids play college sports you should not pass on this class." - High School AD

"I really wish I had all of this information before my daughter went to college. It would have save me and my family a lot of money, time, and stress trying to figure out the recruiting process." - Home School Basketball Program Director

"The class was very informative and I will be passing this on to all of my friends with kids wanting to play college sports." - Mother of High School Basketball Player 

"Coach, I just got done with the online recruiting class and you have opened my eyes to a new way of getting recruited." - High School Athlete

"Coach Pope is very knowledgeable with the recruiting process and answers questions questions quickly and in a helpful way. He helped our family in a great way and helped direct our son to playing college basketball." - Mother of College Athlete 

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